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13 of Your Best Eid-ul-Adha Instagram Looks

Hello ladies! It’s that time again. Eid, where thousands of stunning women bless our Instagram feeds with their gorgeous outfits. This Eid had it all, everything from pastels to florals to flares galore! And you needn’t worry, we’ve done all the scrolling for you. Here’s a roundup of some of our favourite looks this Eid in no particular order!

1. @misslittlefancy


2. @zahee22


3. @aspiring_nomad


4. @ayes_ha


5. @hx.ja


6. @zohralahib


7. @thatgirlyusra


8. @nadiiazmy


9. @a.a.a.a____x


10. @rowlin


11. @hassanah_pfh


12. @ibreatheshoes


13. @_ndd17


Have a favorite look? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to tag your future Eid outfits with #muslimgirl for a chance to be featured.


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