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A Jihad, needed to end Muslim-persecution in China

Apparently, in order to eradicate Islam and suppress Muslims who have been demanding rights of religious practices and partial democracy, China Government in Muslim dominated Linxia and Xinjiang provinces has imposed several restrictions on movement and day to day life of Muslims. Victimization of the community by authorities includes:

a) Banned minors under 16 years from religious activities i.e. madarssa education, study of religious texts etc. in regions dominated by Muslims in Western China.

b) Throwing local Muslims into shadowy re-education camps without due process for minor infractions such as owning a Koran or even growing a beard.

c) Forcible display of national flags atop mosques and restrictions on ‘Azan/prayers’ etc. in the garb of ‘noise pollution’.

d) Efforts to impose forced secularism/atheism/communalism and aiming to cut of Islam at the roots.

e) Discouraging study of Arabic/Islamic religious texts, besides banning extracurricular Quranic study including forcing individuals/ organizations not to permit/support/guide minors towards attending religious practices in mosques/madrassas etc., justifying the steps as a strategy to check Salafi/Wahabi ideology, supposedly penetrating from Kashmir.

All above initiatives are being implemented ruthlessly as a way to ensure that faith traditions die out and an iron control is maintained over the religious/ideological affairs of Muslim community in China, which needs attention of Global Muslim community and human right activists.

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