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Discourage ‘Chaotic Fatwas’ creating bewilderment

Several Fatwas in the backdrop of fiqh rulings/Wali-al-Faqih, often issued by self proclaimed Muftis/Islamic scholars were the disruptive religious rhetoric rather than for guiding the individual/masses. Moreover, these ignorant Fatwas have led to a hidden sympathy towards fundamentalist/radical/terrorist ideologies, thus disarraying the masses from the national mainstream, collective endeavors for self-society-country’s progress. Fundamentalist groups have often had a field day in interpreting and adapting religious texts to suit their own purposes, review them outside their temporal and objective meanings and employ them in inapplicable contexts, sometimes using as weapons against others. In past, many Fatwas issued by radicals/terrorist organisations have resulted into killing and reckless violence against innocents like murder of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, massacres in Algeria, targeting of novelist Mahfouz, Twin tower attack, Bombay blast, several cases of suicide bombing etc. Most of these Fatwas contradicts ‘Ijtihad’, modern ideas, democratic values while justifying violence in the name of Jihad etc. To check/prevent exploitation of Fatwas by proscribed elements and their adverse affects, many Muslim countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Jordan etc. have raised formal platforms, comprising of Muslim scholars/Ulema with credentials which are authorized to issue Fatwas. In India, Muslim religious/social leadership requires contemplation and needful action on the issue too.

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