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Extremist’s interpretation of ‘Hakimiyyah’ requires to be countered

The concept of Allah’s sovereignty (Hakimiyyah) as interpreted by Extremist Islamists is not befitting the peaceful way of living by mainstream Muslims, by and large committed to human values in global perspective. The extremists/radicals stress that Muslims have abandoned implementation of God’s Hakimiyyah/Iqamat-e-Deen/an essential religious duty (the rule of Islamic law- Shariah land), thus require to be targeted in ‘Jihad’ along with the non-believers. They are of the view that Muslims in majority of Islamic countries or in other democracies etc. have become loyal to the authorities, converting them to polytheists, having loyalty to man-made laws. Saner section of Ulema opined that the central idea behind the radical/extremist ideology is the concept of Hakimiyyah (originated from Muslim brotherhood of Qutbs) extracting ‘Shirk-al-Hakimiyyah’ and ‘Tauhid-al-Hakimiyyah’, promoting “al-Usbah al-Muminah” (divine promise of victory during Jihad against Jahiliyyah- the Muslims living in other than Islamic countries). Modern Kharijite outfits like ISIS got inspiration, quoting: “Whoever does not judge with Allah has revealed; those are the infidels”. They declare Shahada against Irtidad( Apostasy/Treason ) because Islam is not a state but an order for establishing a world domain.

The above doctrine, the backbone of radicalisation/extremism is required to be countered strongly through rightful interpretation of Islam, the religion of peace, because of been contrary to the peaceful environment Muslims wish to live as well as the message of the Prophet and his companions. Albeit, mainstream Muslims and majority of Ulama separate faith and works, besides believing in ‘ consensus ‘, Tauhid “Tasawwuf” and treating the world as ‘Eden on earth’ where Allah has provided all peace, happiness and serenity to human race.

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