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Faiz Khan: The ‘Cow Protection’ Campaigner

Allaying the notion, protecting cow as a Hindu religious icon, Faiz Khan, a practicing Muslim Raipur, Chattishgarh, has been campaigning for protection of cow progeny as his life’s goal as well as to strengthen communal harmony. He, being committed to inclusive utility of cow, since his childhood, left the job of lecturer, undertook ‘foot march’ around the country and also observed ‘22 days fast unto death’ at Jantar-Mantar, New Delhi, recently, to highlight ‘cow protection’ relating it to an environmental/economic as well as an effort towards ‘Hindu-Muslim’ social assimilation. Faiz, while stressing on the need of the conservation of cow progeny, quotes that Mughal emperors, Babar and Akbar as well as many Muslim rulers had a ban on cow slaughter. Terming his crusade as his ‘inner call’, he vows to commit his life for this holy cause, besides disseminating it throughout India.

Such an initiative by Faiz Khan goes a long way in strengthening syncretic culture and communal harmony in the country.

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