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Here are the Fenty Looks We LOVE

‘If you didn’t catch our article reviewing the top products from Rihanna’s Fenty collection- or if you did, and it wasn’t enough to convince you on its uniqueness-then check out the looks below. These feature beautiful women of color killing the game with their individualized looks using select products from the brand. Whether it’s their foundation, eye-shadow, highlighters or entire face- Fenty Beauty catered to make these looks possible.

The pigmentation and intensity of the color palettes Rihanna released are key in setting her products apart from others’. Especially for women of color, who have darker pigmented skin, regular eye-shadows hardly appear upon first application. Layering shadow upon shadow isn’t ideal or healthy for the skin. Instead, it can make even the best-formulated shadow appear flaky or caked on. Rihanna’s shadows offer a creamy texture that melts into the skin upon application regardless of the skin tone. The base for the shadows has self-canceling tones so instead of adjusting to an individual’s skin tone, the pigment can stand alone.

The pigmentation and intensity of the color palettes Rihanna released are key in setting her products apart from others.  tweet

The same concept applies to her highlighters. One of the most popular ones, “Trophy Wife,” stands out for its intense yellow-gold color, which appears to be overly-pigmented. However, once applied to darker skin, the strength of the highlighter shines. That’s when you can see that it’s needed to be this strongly pigmented and vibrant, just so that when it’s applied it can be perceived as a proper strength highlighter for non-White individuals. Hardly any highlighters, varying from creams to jelly to powder-like bases, cater to people of color like Rihanna’s collection does. Some of her highlighters fall under pink and mauve tones so you can even double them as a blush.

Everyone wants dewy, brightened skin to even out a complexion and provide a healthy radiant appearance. If you live in the northeast, then the dry winter months approaching tend to suck the life out of our skin no matter how many oils and moisturizers you apply. Using the right highlighter for your skin tone can counteract this. See how the looks below demonstrate this:


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