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Hyderabad: RGIA introduces Facial Recognition system for passengers

Hyderabad: The State government at RGIA has initiated Face Recognition (FR) system on entry as a trial basis for passengers into the aerodrome sources confirmed today.

The FR Registration counters have been set up near the Domestic Departure at Gate No 1 and 3 with the registration open to passengers from 8 am to 8 pm. Any person interested can walk in with their valid government ids, contact details and get his or her face captured by the camera, Airport sources said.

The trials are being carried out under Centre’s Digi Yatra programme started from July 1 and would continue till July 3 will be adding 180 passengers who have voluntarily enrolled for the trials at the airport.

As of on the first day (July 1), over 180 passengers enrolled voluntarily for Digi Yatra trials at Hyderabad Airport sources said.

Digi Yatra – is Digital processing of passengers at the airports which facilitates paperless travel.

As the passengers would be automatically processed based on facial recognition system at checkpoints such as entry point check, entry in to Security Check, aircraft boarding, this will also avoid identity check at multiple points.
Once the applicant’s face is captured, with all the validation of documents, the applicant will be given a unique generated Digi Yatra/FR ID.

An exclusive e-gate is available at the Departure Gate No 3, where the enrolled passenger can get his or her boarding card scanned, face the FR Camera, which matches and verifies the credentials along with the itinerary details.Upon successful verification, the passenger gets checked-in and the e-gate opens all done in split seconds.

“Since, this is a trial phase, CISF personnel will still physically verify the travel docs and ID details of FR-registered passenger at the departure gate,” sources said.

The FR trials are currently being offered to passengers traveling with hand baggage only and are those who are bound for the select cities viz.Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag and Vijayawada.

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