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India: Preceptor of Global peace and brotherhood

India with its rich spiritual wisdom and heritage of interfaith harmony has remained committed to peace by treating the world as a family: ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam/Sari Kayanat Khuda Ki’. It has always played the lead role in strengthening the human bonding through harmony and tolerance irrespective of national, religious, racial boundaries. To maintain this global unity, devoid of violence and hatred from the society, the people as well as leaders are required to develop a supramental consciousness towards perceiving the world as ‘Single unit/Tauheed or Ek Brahm’. Specifically, every Indian, irrespective of religion, sect or belief has to vow root out the factors responsible for divide, violence, besides radical/supremacist tendencies. In this task, religious leaders are required to propagate harmony and interfaith assimilation, refraining of stereotyped, distorted and radical interpretation of religious texts, creating chasms in the society often leading to hatred and violence. In fact, the religion is for the welfare of mankind and the planet earth is an intricate family where youths are to be nurtured as the future asset for establishing the universal peace and harmony.

The peace is the most desirable factor for a better world where the people could live in a delightful inertia without stress/separatism. For this, the Islam’s directives, ‘family is the fundamental peace unit and the child’s value system is shaped by it’ should be the guiding principle. If India claims to be in the vanguard of holistic efforts by various stakeholders to restore peace and happiness on the earth, Indians irrespective of their different religious faith should commit themselves to promote better understanding and an assimilative/harmonious culture.

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