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Instances of Communal Harmony

A) Combined Durga Puja celebration by Muslims and Hindus

Setting a shining example of syncretic culture transcending communal barriers, both Hindus and Muslims of Munshi Gunge, Kolkata, West Bengal, organize a Durga Puja under the aegis of ‘Five Star Club’. The Puja is also called Jehangir’s Puja in remembrance of local faqir, Sheikh Jehangir who had started this tradition of inter-faith equation. Muslims pro-actively participate in programmes i.e. design/set up of pandal, collect donations, prepare water pitcher (Kalash), serve Bhog and run errands.

B) Hindus learn about rituals in the Mosque

As an initiative of communal harmony/mutual understanding, Muslims led by Imam of Sangam Nagar Masjid, Nagpur, invite Hindus of the locality to the mosque to observe/learn the aspects of Islamic way of praying/rituals/customs/practices. An inter-religious Eid Milan is also organised inside the mosque on the lines of a similar Diwali Milan programme held at nearby Hanuman Mandir, with participation of Hindus and Muslims, both. The mosque committee envisages extending above initiative of Hindu-Muslim fraternity to other mosques and madarsas in the city, as well.

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