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Islam for strong spousal bonding

Islam always ensures that Nikah (marriage) is protected, continued and the relationship between spouses are ideally based on love, besides important decisions concerning both the partners should be made by mutual consent. Quran allows separation only when all the efforts of families/mediators have failed to reconcile and marital harmony/nuptial bonding cannot be attained/continued at any cost/circumstances.

To avoid hasty dissolution of marriage, the Quran prescribes two waiting periods of three months for reconsideration of their decision only then the divorce is final. Indeed, Triple talaq (instant divorce) has no Quranic ratification rather a decision of the people taken in the name of Sharia which often portrays Islam as a fundamentalist religion. It has been noticed that the decision of talaq is mostly taken in anger, arrogance and contempt towards one another. The objective of Islamic education is to establish love and affection between the people, while differences and hatred create divide among them. The recourse of talaq is to be taken only when both the parties have exhausted, all means of continuance and freedom from the bonding remains only option. Islam, in fact, disallows Nikah Halala, a gender biased practice is required to be discouraged through the collective efforts by socio-religious leadership and the community as a whole.

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