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Karnataka: BJP trying to destabilize Congress by dividing Muslim votes

Hyderabad: The attempts of BJP to destabilize Congress in Karnataka have been accelerated. It is being said that a strategy has been prepared to divide Muslim votes taking the help of MIM.

On the other hand, all the secular forces are engaged in defeating BJP by forming a united forum. With the formulation of election strategy for Karnataka, it is presumed the BJP might go to any extent to assume power in the State. The leaders of MIM have announced that they would float their candidates but seeing the public wrath, they are not able to announce the names of their candidates.

It is reported that if MIM floats its candidates, it may face severe public wrath in Hyderabad City since people of Telangana have become politically conscious. They know that MIM benefited BJP by floating its candidates in various states. BJP is encouraging other political parties also to float their candidates to ensure its success by dividing secular votes.

Political analysts are of the opinion that the fates of Congress and BJP would be decided in the next general elections. It is also presumed that immediately after Karnataka Elections, Central Govt. might announce General Elections for the entire country before the completion of the tenure of the present Govt.

Congress leaders are of the opinion that BJP is making an attempt to come to power in Karnataka by dividing Muslim votes. A newly formed political party in the name of championing the rights of Muslim women has also declared to participate in Assembly elections. If this new political party floats its candidates in 60-70 constituencies, it may benefit BJP. Congress is also formulating its strategy to concentrate on Assembly Constituencies in rural areas. It is highlighting anti-Dalit politics of BJP in order to promote Congress-Dalit-Muslim unity whereas BJP is making an attempt to divide Muslim votes. In order to implement BJP’s strategy, campaigns have already been started by RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and other Hindu extremist outfits. They are contacting the public directly to muster support in favour of BJP.

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