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Karnataka: Secular character of candidates to play important role in Assembly elections

Hyderabad: So far, votes used to be polled in general elections on the basis of the personality and the character of the candidates but in the ensuing elections of Karnataka, the secular character of the candidates is also being reviewed scrupulously. The changes which occurred after the General Elections of 2014 have made people very conscious. Now, they know who is working for whom.

The strategy formulated for dividing the Muslim votes seems to be favorable to Muslims but the objective of BJP is to assume power through it. BJP identified 54 Assembly constituencies on which normally secular candidates win but this time, BJP plans to float candidates belonging to new political parties in order to divide secular votes.

BJP can also muster support by consolidating majority votes. Authentic sources revealed that BJP has formulated separate strategies for each Assembly constituency. It has ensured that each constituency has separate issues to tackle. It wants to entangle political parties into larger issues and indulge itself into local issues.

If Muslim candidates are floated in secular constituencies, it would ensure division of votes which would ultimately benefit BJP. It has identified 54 Assembly constituencies wherein secular candidates won the seats with meager margin in the last election. BJP is eyeing on these constituencies. Out of 54 constituencies, there are 9 areas in which BJP candidates had won the seats with lesser margins due to division of votes but it was accidental. This time, Hindutva forces are making an attempt in an organized manner to win elections in secular constituencies. Negotiations have already been finalized to float Muslim candidates in these areas.

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