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Khilafah: Almighty’s domain, not religion specific

Indeed, the planet Earth, a creation of God where he had sent about 100 thousand messengers/messiahs to make it a peaceful and most cherished place. Thus the term ‘Khilafah’, if defined beyond religious boundaries, would parse as the ‘realm of Allah, the Almighty’.

The word Khilafah, is being used as an Islamic religious term, which in fact is incorrect because a religious term can only be coined by God, Prophets and divine scriptures. The word in Arabic language means “vice-regency,” “succession,” and “political authority”, besides attributing it to the whole world which is evident from following verses:

“I have to make a na’ib (deputy) in the earth.” (2:40)

O David! We have made you a na’ib (deputy) in the country; so govern people with justice. (26:38)

“The world, the rule of Allah is for all righteous ones/believers, thereby everyone would have right to be ruler/Caliph of such Khilafah”. (55:24)

Merely using the word Khilafah as a religious term restricts it erroneously to Muslim’s domain, while it should be reflective of a global Government. A political state has only one ruler which should be elected by the people or of people’s choice, while religious connotation of the ruler would disintegrate the state itself. No logic can be adduced from above that Islam has directed its followers to set up a single government in the whole world, Khilafah or the adherents of Islam are able to convert the majority of people of other countries to Islam.

Muslims must bear in mind that the precepts of God’s religion must remain pure, unaltered, peaceful and compassionate, having no religious constriction, besides portrayal of Khilafah as a Muslim centric state is a sinful concept.

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