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Koderma (Jharkhand): Hindu Right wing goons attacked Muslim families and forced them to flee from their homes

Several Muslim families taking refuge outside Deputy Commissioner office.

By M M Special Correspondent

Koderma (Jharkhand): In the BJP Ruling state Jharkhand, around 8 km east of the city of Koderma, 20 Muslim families were brutally attacked and forced to flee away from their homes.  The incidence took place during the Iftaar time on May, 25, around 7:00 pm when a mob of Bajrang Dal goons attacked and assaulted the Muslim residents including the women and children. The attackers have allegedly carried the weapons including the lathis, swords, and axes; they barged into the mosque and in the homes of Muslim residents.

Basically, the village comprised of 250 households, in which 20 families are Muslim; earlier the people of the village live with the mutual integrity as well celebrate their festivals together, but only since the past few years the Hindu Right-wing groups became active in the particular area.

This is not the first time, but the similar incidence has happened last year during the Ramnavmi’s procession in April when a mob of Hindu Right wingers protested and sabotaged a newly constructed Mosque as well beaten up the several Muslims. In response, the Muslim group filed a police FIR (under section 307) against the hooligans.  But since then Right wing goons are persistently asking the victims to withdraw their police complaints, however, they refused.


As a consequence of refusal all Muslim households are also facing the complete village boycott from the last one year; even they are not allowed to use public well, to buy the grocery stuff from the village shops and the dominant villagers also cut off the water harvesting to their crops.

The Muslims have also filed another police complaint about the incidence of Friday, May, 25. In the complaint they described that during the time of Iftaar a crowd of hundreds of people accompanied weapons attacked the mosque and began to beat up the people; as a result, several people got injured. The rioters allegedly destroyed the mosque and set ablaze the copies of the sacred book (Quran). The hooligans also asked the Muslims residents to leave the village and threatened them to face the dire consequences if they will not move away.

On the night of the incidence, several families fled from their homes and walked for around 8 kilometers to the district police headquarters and took asylum in the office of district collector as well demanding the police protection.

According to the sources, in the police complaint, 26 people are identified and named as attackers, including Gopal Yadav, Sahdev Yadav, Dr Narayen Sau, Chhotu Yadav, Motilal Sav, Sanjay Yadav, Basudev Yadav, Shivshankar Yadav, Prabhu Sav, Birendra Sawa etc.

The BJP ruling state of Jharkhand is continuously witnessing the Anti-Muslim wave since the last several years but unfortunately, the government seems unable to control the situation.

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