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Maha-e-Ramzan Ka Paigam

Ramzan month (Eid-ul-Fitr, June 16, 2018) is the period of observance of piety, abstinence, fasting, righteousness, so as to be in proximity with Allah. The believer is required to adhere to human values, good work/conduct to be paragon for entire humanity. Ramzan binds every Muslim to refrain from anti-social activities, violence and terrorism. Ibadat (prayer) during the month has a special connotation and profundity which is evident from a quote ‘one good conduct during Ramzan equals 70 such acts during other 11 months and one Namaz prayer equals 27 Sababs’. Observance of Roza (varying from 16-17 hrs. a day) during the month marks the love of Allah. Aftari (opening of fast in the form of a community meal) conveys the message of mutual tolerance, respect, brotherhood, peace and harmony among fellow residents. Any sort of violence is strictly prohibited during Ramzan. India is a country with tradition of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood/amity, has numerous examples where Hindus observe Ramzan with inner piousness while majority of Muslims voluntarily participate in Hindu festivals, besides common obeisance to Sufi saints, highlighting ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb’ which should be strengthened during this holy period.

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