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Mahathir bin Mohammad : A Call to duty

By Arshad Mohsin

In a time triggered by the Zionist media onslaught, Muslims around the globe are systematically being demonized, marginalized and erased both culturally and physically, there shines a silver lining in the dark cloud overshadowing the defenseless lot .The Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Bin Mohammad is quite a force for the Islamophobes to reckon with.


This man has the temerity to deter two superpowers from illegally persecuting their own citizens on the basis of their inherent hatred towards Islam. Innocent Muslims like Zakir Naik of India and Uighurs of China mean more to him than a billion dollar business deal. Mahathir has gained lasting gratitude among Indian and Chinese Muslims for his fearless stand before the fascist regimes.

Malaysia under Mahathir has not only refused to extradite innocent Uighur Muslims but also cancelled a 20 Billion Dollar business deal with China.

On the other hand Islamic State of Pakistan licks the boot of shameless China and keep mum  on the inhuman persecution of fellow Muslims in Xinjian  China. The cheap blood of Muslims seems to be the lifeline of CPEC , the notorious Sino-Pak joint venture which has brought Pakistan to her knees. As greed and corruptions has transcended Muslim brotherhood in Pakistan, pan-Islamic universal love for fellow Muslims has crept in the south Asian state of Malaysia under the seminal leadership of the nonagenarian Mahathir Mohammad.

Doctor Mahathir also nick named as Cek Det has been a fighter for justice since his young age , as a strident critic of Chinese dominance and western disinformation he has also faced discrimination and bans in his own country. But the devious opposition could neither obstruct his continuous electoral victory nor his ascendance to the premiership of Malaysia twice.

Mahathir Mohammad as a role model for present Muslim rulers 

Global powers are cynically relying on western Islamophobic narratives to justify their war on terror (the new word for Islam), the Zionist bankers, the IMF and Federal Reserve , the new atheists, the right wing fascists, the communists and the Hindutva brigade they all see political Islam as their sole adversary and they are justified in their concerted opposition to the only truth on the planet which indeed has the power to stop their blood thirsty march to global dominance.

Mahathir bin Mohammad is firmly holding the flag of Islam, oblivious to the consequences, with only a few friends among the Muslim monarchs of the Middle East, his heroic defiance of global threats is a reminder of the Muslim brave-hearts like Khalid Bin Waleed and Salahuddin Ayyubi.

Truth he knows can’t be silenced by guns. He has a cause to live by and die for.

Uighurs are the most persecuted among the powerless Muslims on the globe,  Palestinians and Kashmiris  come next. For the sheer fire power of the Chinese Communist military, even those who claim to share a bonhomie with the dictator Xi Jinping , don’t have the cheek to utter a whispering objection to his ghastly violation of human rights in the Muslim province of Xinjian. Arabs despite having sizeable influence on the Chinese economy and a friendly relation with them on a number of international frontiers couldn’t muster up enough courage to voice even a remote remonstrance over the open aggression on Chinese Muslims by the communist regime. For fear of reprisal, the Muslim world can’t even request to supervise the open air re-education camps officially built by China to force Uighur Muslims of Xinjian to recant their Islamic faith. Wine and Pork are forced into the throats of Muslims prisoners in these camps while their women are forced to sleep with the communist Han Chinese. Many of these desperate Uighur Muslims ran for shelter from these atrocities. Some of them escaped to live in a Muslim Arab land but unfortunately found themselves in the CIA and Mossad funded trap of the fake Islamic State of Iraq and Syrian (ISIS).

It’s Mahathir Mohammad alone who despite his domestic political constraints of economic upliftment and modernization of Malaysia , has conditioned his gentry to rise in unisons when it comes to rescuing their fellow Muslims in dire need of it. And the tiger of south east Asia, Malaysia , has ruthlessly deterred the dragon while refusing to extradite seven innocent Uighur Muslims , a feat that has confounded the Dragon  and also sent good tidings to persecuted Muslims from Kashmir to Gaza.

Despite the unscrupulous attempt of the two Asian giants to extradite the innocents, Malaysia has succeeded in defending the defenseless and thus rightly deserves to be named as the leader of the Islamic world in the true sense of its meaning. Mahathir Bin Mohammad seeks the Ummah to take a hard look at itself and  decide whether it wants to move forward and take the challenges to free itself educationally, economically and militarily or not ?

Malaysia has offered the Islamic world a roadmap of interest free banking,gold currency,  free trade, growth with equity, socio-economic restructuring for a socio-political stability; freedom from cronyism , nepotism, and currency speculation ; unity in diversity and zero tolerance for tyranny in any form.

In an age when the helpless Muslims are being lynching by the fascists in India, being re-educated in the concentration camps in China, Arab monarchies are bowing in obedience to the their European and American masters, Malaysia alone under Mahathir Bin Mohammad, defying the military and cultural dominance of the Islamophobes, is holding the fort riveting the faith in the truth and the justice of Islam. While the Godless west with the help of its mighty media machinery is projecting Islam as an antithesis of democracy and human-rights , Mahathir with his sharp political acumen and unwavering faith in Islam is giving the Islamophobes a taste of their own medicine.


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