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MP: Why this Muslim bureaucrat wants to change his name

“Khan surname hounded me like a ghost,” he said earlier.

Published: Jul 07, 2019, 5:59 pm IST Updated: Jul 07, 2019, 5:59 pm IST

BHOPAL: Concerned over the rising mob lynching incidents, a senior bureaucrat in Madhya Pradesh government on Saturday said he wants to change his name to save himself “from the sword of hate”.

In a series of tweets, Niyaz Ahmed Khan, who has penned several novels, including one on the love life of jailed underworld don Abu Salem expressed his fear over hate crimes and safety of the Muslim community in the country.

“For the last six months I am looking for a new name for this book and for myself so that I could hide my Muslim identity. To save myself from the sword of hate it is must,” posted Khan, along with the cover image of a forthcoming book which he is writing.

“The new name will save me from the violent crowd. If I have no topi, no kurta and no beard I can get away easily by telling my fake name to the crowd. However, if my brother is wearing traditional clothes and has a beard he is in the most dangerous situation,” tweeted Niyaz.

The bureaucrat said that he has been trying to change his name to hide his Islamic identity and added that it is better for others from his community to change their names since no institution is capable of protecting them.

Further, he suggested that even top Bollywood actors from his community should consider changing their names as the films starring them are not doing good business these days.

“Bollywood actors of my community should also start finding a new name to protect their movies. Now even the top stars movies have started to flop. They should understand the meaning,” Khan wrote on Twitter.

Khan, who is best known to be a whistleblower bureaucrat, first made headlines when he took to social media in January this year alleging discrimination in the service due to his name.

“Khan surname hounded me like a ghost,” he said earlier.

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