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Muslims’ sacrifices during Indian freedom struggle

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August 15, 2018, 2:45 PM IST

Muslims’ sacrifices during Indian freedom struggle

During the 2-century long freedom struggle, the sacrifices made by the Muslims and Ulama were to such an extent that the other countrymen did not make sacrifices even 1/10th of it. Unfortunately, a particular community is engaged in the conspiracy of wiping off stories of Muslims’ sacrifices from the pages of history.

Usually the historians begin history from the first freedom movement of 1857; however, the fact is that Muslim rulers had announced the battle against Britishers a hundred years before. Thus Nawab Alivardi Khan waged war against Britishers in 1784. Later after his death his grandson Nawab Sirajud Daula continued the battle.

The Battle of Plassey in Murshidabad, Battle of Baksari, battles fought by HyderAli and his brave son Tipu Sultan etc. are the few examples. Even the British historians wrote that the all the wars during 1754 to 1857 were fought by Muslims only.

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