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Points of about Article 370

  1. Article 370 gives autonomous status to the State of Jammu Kashmir
  2. It is drafted in Part XXI of the Indian Constitution
  3. This part of the Constitution deals with articles on Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions. So this makes it very clear that 370 is a Temporary provision.
  4. Constituent Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir was empowered to recommend articles of Indian Constitution that should be applied to the State or abrogate article 370.
  5. The Constituent Assembly created the State’s Constitution without abrogating article 370. It was deemed to have become permanent feature of Indian Constitution, yet continued to remain in Part 21 of Indian Constitution, which deals with articles as explain in point 3.
  6. J & K has its own Flag
  7. J & K Legislative Assembly’s term was for 6 years.
  8. Any Woman from J & K marries those from outside the state, her J& K Citizenship gets annuled automatically.
  9. Laws of India are not applicable in J and K nor does Supreme Court have any jurisdiction over the state.
  10. CAG cannot audit the accounts of the State Government.
  11. People from other states cannot buy Land in J & K.
  12. Minorities in J & K dont get any reservations.

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