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Radical/extreme fatwas dent core values of Islam

Some fatwas either misinterpreting the scripture for vested interests or advocating ‘Jihad/Islamomania’ sync leading to terrorism/extremism are self-destructive for the Islam/community, besides providing opportunities for distorted portrayal of the religion, as ‘Jahaliya’ and ‘violent’. Often, these fatwas with religious radicalism create false notions to incite hatred towards non-Muslims, thus spurious for global peace, harmony and inter-faith tolerance. Such fatwas circulated in social media, purportedly spreading misconception posing non-believers as enemies to Islam, had culminated into bitter hostility against religion and Muslims in the countries where they are in minority. The fatwas had also resulted in some of the dastardly terror attacks in US, India, Iraq, S.A., France etc. by terrorists of IS, Al-Qaeda etc. in the past. Simultaneously, an antipathy is created against Muslims, ultimately damaging their socio-economic-political development.

In above background, in order to check the wrong ‘fatwas’ and their negative effect on the lives of thousands of Muslims, there should be a global ‘fatwa body’ with close coordination between Islamic religious institutions with close interaction among Islamic scholars/Ulama to accredit/approve fatwas, before dissemination/publication.

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