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Radical/extremist ideologies emanates evil consequences

Islam is the religion endorsing peace, syncretism and human values, however, often radical/extremist ideologues propagate puritanical/ fanatical teachings which ultimately give rise to evil consequences through hyper emphasizing violence/hatred and thereby wrong portrayal of the religion as well as the community.

Indeed, the message of Islam is primarily addressed to an individual aiming to guide him for worldly responsibilities with love, compassion and gratefulness to Allah, in his heart, simultaneously refraining of antagonism towards other religions/religious traditions. Radicals, preaching against other communities in the name of Jihad, religious onus, highlighting more the glorious/golden era of Islam are in the root of terrorism and extremism. Although, the Prophet himself has opposed the theory of ‘a nation state’ and stressed upon, ‘universal brotherhood’, “a person who dies of ignorance so dies the death of Jahiliyyah”, moreover misused world of ‘Islamic state/Khilafa’ is defined as ‘Inner caliphate’ means, ‘the internal domain of a believer which is pure, spiritual and humane’.

It is the duty of scholars/Ulama to caution Muslims against the lurking danger from radicalisation/extremism, which, in fact, are in contrast of Islam’s core concept, besides would lead to wrong portrayal of the religion.

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