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Radicalisation hurtles democracy and united humanity

Sprouting radical ideologies pose danger to peace, democracy and universal brotherhood, besides refusing science, global unity and inclusive progress of human race. To make our planet a happy and healthy abode, people are required to be guided by human values, universal brotherhood and collective efforts to strengthen peace and mutual relations based on syncretic culture. Human beings are not robots, they have emotions; love their children and also proud of their country/religion, however the golden rule of commonness/ interdependence is mutual respect/balance and not to dehumanize/ hatred. We all are members of the same global family, participating in a soul great divine truth by whatever name it is called;

Jehovah, Allah or Brahmn, as a mature religion with clear conscious unites the humanity and not divides on the basis of race, belief or colour. In fact, religious extremism is dangerous for democracy and common human project of creating peace and justice on earth. Often radicals have legitimate peeves, although, responded in a violent/incorrect way. Violence, strife, human agonies etc. are common global problems which are inter-related and could be solved through treating the world as a ‘Global village’ with people from various hues and colours, empowered and protected through law, besides enjoying freedom, equality and a peaceful environment.

The idea of one world, one humanity devoid of divides, is the centre tenet of every scripture/religion which would outlaw violence/hatred originated from radicalisation/extremism, besides ultimately ensuring the future of earth and her inhabitants.

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