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Rights and Duties of Husband and Wife

What has been said about women, in it, that they have been created from the rib-is, apparently, allegorical, and, according to Hazrat Shah Waliullah’s explantaion, the purport of the Tradition is that there is some natural curvedness in the nature of a woman as there is in the rib. It, further tells, that the greatest curve is in the upper part of the rib which, perhaps, denotes that the curvedness in the nature of a woman, mostly, lies in the upper part of the body, that is, the head and the tongue. It, again, is told that if an attempt is made to straighten the curved rib by force, it will break, while if it is left alone, it will remain curved permanently. Thus, whoever will try to remove the curvedness of a woman’s nature by force will not only not succeed, but it may, also, end up in separation. At the sometime, if nothing is done by way of correction and reform, the curvedness will stay as it is, and the happiness and tranquillity which is the chief purpose of matrimonial alliance will not be gained. Thus, men should better overlook the minor faults and weaknesses of their wives and behave towards them in a loving and kindly manner. It may, ultimately, lead to an improvement in their disposition as well.

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