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Society: A Paradise

Whoever extends help we do reciprocate in the same manner as sense of gratitude. But if anybody does harm to you it is human nature that “tit for tat” is usually the practice adopted by many. However, Prophet Mohammed advocated that even somebody harms you it should not be reciprocated with similar gesture. Instead, the harmful nature of the opponent, one should remain calm and poised and continue to do good so that the divine blessings would be always on the person doing good.

According to Prophet Mohammed, the first person who have right to expect good deeds are the parents followed by wife, children, sisters, brothers and finally the near relatives. Such is the network which expands.

Those who are economically sound should extend support to the weak in all forms (food, clothing and shelter). So that, there is harmony in the society. When the responsibilities towards the relatives is over, then the responsibility towards the society comes. In the light of divine teachings and life of Prophet Mohammed every person should live in harmony with relatives, neighbors and extend their support to the needy to be beneficial by divine blessings.

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