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Suicide Bombing: A crime against humanity and forbidden in Islam

Suicide bombing, a heinous crime against the creation of Allah is an extreme form of ‘Tahleel‐E‐Haram’ (making the unlawful lawful) and without any doubt, forbidden or Haram according to Quran, Ahadith, Shariah and the Prophet’s teachings. In an instance while the Prophet was in a war (Ghazwa), a person named Quzman suffered a fatal injury and accolade for his bravery by fellows, however, Prophet said: Innahu min ahl an‐Naar (He is surely one of the people of Hell). It was because he had killed himself with his own weapon to dispense with severe pain.

Prophet further said: ‘“By Him in whose hands is my soul, the world will not end until a time comes when the killer will not know why he killed and the slain will not know why he was killed.” Often, the frenzied slaughterer of human beings is driven by communal supremacism, it is fired by blind enmity for others, which is unjustified and un-Islamic too. In these circumstances, Ummah should be guided of right ideology based on the Quran and Hadith by community/religious leadership. Similarly, Muslims must be reminded of the Quranic verse (5:32) & ‘A Muslim to kill a human being commits an act that would lead him to Hell’ (4:93)

Today, it is a duty binding on Muslims to develop positive thinking, completely renouncing violence, and, instead, get engaged in peaceful work towards harmony and prosperity of human race as a whole which would entitle them of God’s blessings and ‘Jannat’ hereinafter, in true sense (and not the ‘Jannat’ assured after an act of suicide bombing as wrongly indoctrinated among Muslim youth).

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