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The Message of Humanity by Quran & Prophet

Exhorting for peaceful co-existence with followers of other religions and sacrifice for homeland, besides shunning violence, Holy Quran has specifically prescribed the following ways of living for Muslims and their behavior with non-Muslims in the society:

The first moral obligation of Muslims living in a society which provides them security, trust, freedom and a favorable way of life, is to reciprocate with their neighbors of other religious faiths in the same manner. Also the Muslim should never judge in any act which is detrimental to the trust bestowed upon them by the society.

Secondly, even if instances of injustice and misbehavior towards Muslims surfaces, they should follow the right path with have trust in the law of land. They should never be swayed or provoked with negative thoughts and should not indulge in unlawful acts. It has been stressed that the brain/intellect provided to humans by Allah are used for development and betterment of humanity and human race.

Thirdly, it is also an important duty of a true Muslim to pay respect to elders, follow the established laws of the land and be constructive to the system. They should use their resources and ability for betterment of the society. This is the utmost responsibility and duty of a true Muslim (Mumin) to spread Islam in a peaceful manner without hurting the sentiments of the members of other communities.

Prophet Mohammad himself directed that no man has the right to hurt fellow human beings, as Allah ensured that the damage caused by hurting others would be proportionate to the damage one would receive. He adores forgivers. Prophet Mohammad who never supported the killing of innocents, granted clemency even to the prisoners of war in Mecca. Moreover, Holy Quran maintains that any kind of violence as un-Islamic and stresses upon protection of integrity and unity of the nation.

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