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The Prophet stood for women’s dignity, equality and empowerment

A woman is a special gift of the nature and reflection of peace, harmony and compassion in the society through her gentleness, selflessness, mildness, caring and spiritual approach. Women and by nature a pacifist and have always contributed immensely to normalizing conditions by relieving tensions and resolving conflicts. The Prophet had positive feminine influence which started from his first wife Khadija with whom he shared his first revelation whereupon Khadija being ‘the first believer’ provided him strength to carry out Allah’s task.

The Prophet always held Khadija in highest esteem, consulting in all affairs. He also had a special niche for his daughter Fatima who always provided the Prophet, solution/solace too many tricky issues/problems. Similarly, several of issues during his lifetime were resolved by his wife Aisha, who always played the role of his guide/mentor. As regards, the entitlement of womenfolk of exploring the spiritual path, the renowned Rabia Basri (713 CE) had a large number of disciple, besides mystical saying becoming proverbial. The Prophet, who used to say: ‘Men and women are two equal halves of a single unit’ along with Quran and Hadees ushered in a new age of gender equality with freedom to women enabling them to play a great role in the society.

The time has come to realize the immense feminine potential which can definitely make the world a better place for homo sapiens.

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