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To defeat Islamic radicalisation/terrorism: Target underlying causes/ideologies

Although, counter terrorism measures, undertaken by various countries facing the brunt of Islamic terrorism have been paying off with around 500 CT investigations, surveillance and D-Rad/C-Rad initiatives, reigning in proscribed elements, however states/security apparatus are yet to resolve the underline causes due to lack of a strategic response. The root causes of Islamic terrorism include an ideology promoting a poisonous misinterpreted version of Islam, highlighting an ‘eternal conflict’ between ‘true’ Muslims and everyone else, ‘non-believer’ or ‘Takfiri’; celebrity-obsessed Media Handling of terror incidents having ghoulish fascination with deranged individuals.

In fact, the terrorism now a days has socio-political aims which requires to be dealt with a collective efforts by all affected countries and stake-holders of hard, unpopular long ranging steps to finally ebbing away the wave of terrorism or else the world will keep on bearing the loss of thousands of innocents during the time to come. Thus, an elaborate strategy with countering the ideology, detecting/engaging the elements/organizations promoting it, the apparatus providing cadre and weaponry to these outfits are required, to be undertaken collectively by all countries/agencies involved.

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