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Tolerance – a Divine Quality: ensures peace and harmony.

Tolerance, a virtue / attribute provided by Allah and requires to be cultivated further by every human being because it evokes consciousness and awakening, capacitating him to bear sufferings without annoyance. Rumi describes tolerance as:

“Tolerance is the soul of praise: Have tolerance, for that is true glorification, No glorification is worth as much. Have tolerance: Tolerance is the remedy for pain (Mathnawi – 3146) &

“Tolerance is the key to success. The remedy of tolerance will burn away the veils over your eye and open your heart. When the mirror of your heart becomes clear and pure, you will behold sights beyond this world of water and earth. You will behold both the image and the Image-Maker, both the carpet of the spiritual dominion and the One Who Spreads it.’’(Mathnawi – 70-74)

The Quran constantly stresses the importance of tolerance ‘ God is with those who patiently and with perseverance tolerate’ ( 2-153) . In fact tolerance is form of Almighty: “ For truly God is with those who are conscious / tolerant of him – her and are doers of the good”. One of the nineteen names of Allah is “ As-sabur/patience-tolerance’ signifying with as divine quality which required to be fully embraced and emulated. It is one of the foremost virtues like compassion, generosity and bonhomie.

In a nutshell, the modern world is like a matrix where our egos impatience for intolerance keeps him in a state of déjà-vu. Although god is with those who have firm belief in him with utmost tolerance, shining the path to hereinafter as well as blessing of Almighty crystal clear.

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