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UP: Muslim girl dresses like Lord Krishna recites shlokas upsets Ulemas

Meerut: Alia Khan a Muslim Girl who recently bagged second prize for reciting Bhagwad Gita at an event organized by Yogi Government is outcasted after ulemas of Deoband Darul Uloom have reportedly issued fatwa against her for the same.

Speaking about the event she said, “I dressed as Krishna and recited Gita as a part of a competition.”

To her haters who called her anti-Islamic she said, Islam is not so weak “that we will be dismissed from it just for reciting Gita or wearing a costume”.

“They issued a fatwa but I will request all not to drag me into politics,” said the young 15-year-old Alia.

Alia had dressed up as Lord Krishna and recited the Bhagwad Gita shlokas while competing with other students.

An Ulema of Deoband, expressing his displeasure with what Alia did said: “How could she dress up like Lord Krishna. It is anti-Islamic”.

Alia dressed as Lord Krishna in the event along with reciting shlokas of Bhagvad Gita.

Another Muslim girl from UP won a Gita recitation competition held by Education Board in Lucknow in December 2017, reported Times Now.

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