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‘Visit My Mosque’ program: Hyderabad’s “Spanish Masjid” welcomes non-Muslims

Hyderabad: In order to eradicate various misconceptions about the teachings of Islam, “Spanish Masjid” located at Begumpet organized ‘Visit My Mosque’ program on the occasion of Independence Day.

Nearly 200 visitors came to the masjid and witnessed various processes of offering rituals.

Two reception counters were set up for welcoming the guests. They were offered dates and “Atar”. The volunteers gave the details of the architectural monument and explained the process of ablution and other rituals. The visitors were also served with refreshment. Arrangements were made for the visitors to sit. For this occasion, the traditions of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) were selected depicting the rights of neighbours, behaviour with the family members, respect for women, mercy on the creatures etc.

Large banners in English and Telugu were the attractive features of the program.

The attention of the visitors was also invited for the establishment of health facilities and other welfare activities. Copies of the Quran in English and Telugu were also given as gifts to the visitors.

–Siasat News

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