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70 butcher families facing starvation in Hazaribagh due illegal ban on beef trade

A jobless butcher in Hazaribagh,, Jharkhand.

By Muslim Mirror Special Correspondent

Hazaribagh/New Delhi:  More than 70 butcher families have been virtually facing starvation for the last one year in Hazaribagh district in Jharkhand but the district administration still did not show any sympathy towards their plight. The distressed families appealed to the BJP-government in the state to lift the ban on the beef-business as they have no alternative employment to survive.

It is to mention here that more than a year ago; the district administration had arbitrarily raided the beef-market and shut down it.  The district officials also quashed their licenses without any reason as there was no ban on beef imposed the BJP government in the state.

Butchers also alleged that some of them were also arbitrarily put behind the bars by the district officials.

The illegal ban not only rendered 70 families penniless but also economically adversely affected more than 300 people who were connected with the beef trade. Many of them withdrew their children from schools as they have no money to pay their fees.

Talking to Bytes Today, Nizam Quraishi said ‘It has been a year now, due to the poor economic condition we had to withdraw our children from schools’. Nizam, who is butcher by profession, said we are surprised by the ban on our trade by the administration.  We are at a loss how the district administration put the ban on our trade while the state government did not impose any ban on black buffalo meat trade.

They are not new in this trade and have been doing since the British government. Many of them have licenses as old as 200 years.  Ismail Ahmad said he has become unemployed after his license was canceled by the district officials. Our family has been doing this trade for generations and we have a 200-year-old license which was renewed in 2014 but all of sudden they quashed it, he added.

Expressing concern over the plight of these families, Municipal Ward member Sabir Ali said before putting the ban of the beef trade, the authorities should have provided them an alternative employment.   It seems they (administration) have the least concern about the plight of these families who have been pushed to on the brink of starvation, he added.

The state’s BJP-led government imposed the ban on cow-slaughter but not on black-buffalo.  Wasim Ansari said the butcher community does respect the ban on cow slaughter but why we have been punished, we don’t know.

It is unfortunate that no political leader came forward to help and support us in our distress, he said.

All our families made passionate appealed to the Chief Minister Raghveer Das to look our distress full condition and asked the local administration to issue authority order for beef trade, said Nizam Quraishi.

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