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Captain Salwa is ‘We Expedition’s’ brand ambassador

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March 10, 2018, 2:14 PM IST

Captain Salwa is ‘We Expedition’s’ brand ambassador

Hyderabad: The well-known advertising company ‘We Expedition’ has made Captain Salwa the brand ambassador of its scheme ‘Udaan’ launched for women’s empowerment. Siasat editor Mr Zahid Ali Khan, Mr Jayant Sinha, Captain Harpreet Singh, Mr L D’Souza, Chief Executive Officer We Expedition, were present on the occasion.

It must be recalled that Ms Salwa Fatima is the first woman from Old City to hold a commercial pilot license to fly a single-seater plane. Mr Zahid Ali Khan made Syeda Salwa Fatima’s dream of flying a commercial airliner come true. Mr Zahid Ali Khan helped her to get commercial pilot training. On the request of Siasat editor, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan representation was made to Chief Minister KCR to grant financial assistance to the Muslim woman pilot to get training of Multi-Engine Rating Course in New Zealand. On this KCR gave an immediate and positive response and sanctioned a grant of Rs. 36.2 lakh required for the training.

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