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Muslim ties turban on his wedding to honour Sikhs for helping Delhi violence victims

A Muslim bridegroom tied a Sikh turban on his wedding in Gidderbaha town in Punjab in order to express gratitude to the Sikhs for rescuing Muslims during riots in north-east Delhi. His marriage video has gone viral on social media. Abdul’s father-in-law Saleem Khan said his son-in-law wore the turban …

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Hindu villagers escorted Muslim baraat in Uttar Pradesh

The anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CCA) protests in Uttar Pradesh and killing of two protesters on December 21 had created a precarious situation for the Khan family of Kanpur’s Bakarganj, which was to solemnize the wedding of their daughter, Zeenat with Hasnain Farooquee from Pratapgarh. When families of both the bride …

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Muslim caretakers of a Shiva temple

One of the oldest Shiva temple located at village Rangmahal, North Guwahati, district Kamrup (R), Assam is looked after by one Haji Matibur Rahman @ Mati Kai (73). Rahman is the seventh generation member of the family, which has been taking care of this temple for over five centuries. A …

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इस्‍लाम: सलीका-ए-जिंदगी

Islam meaning

इस्‍लाम किसी भी दूसरी धार्मिक परंपरा से अधिक मानवता की एकता की तालीम देता है क्‍योंकि यह सिर्फ ईमान ही नहीं है जिसका लोग पालन करें, बल्कि इस्‍लाम एक पूरी सलीका-ए-जिंदगी है, जिसमें मुसलमान अपनी ईमान पर अमल करते है। इस्‍लाम जिंदगी के सभी क्षेत्रों और सरगर्मियां में रहनुमाई प्रदान …

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Featured Delhi violence : Swami Shivanand Saraswati presents prayer mats to burnt Farooqyia mosque

By Special Correspondent New Delhi: A team Khudai Kidmatgar volunteers along with Hindu religious leaders Swami Shivanand Saraswati(Matrsadan) and Swami Punyanand (Haridwar) on Tuesday visited riot-affected areas of Idgaah, Brajpuri ,Shivpuri and Mustafabad in North East Delhi which witnessed horrific target violence against Muslim community last week. Spreading the message …

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Maulana Rumi : Tolerance, peace and compassion to resolve the conflict in the society

Tolerance, peace and compassion – the message of the thirteenth century Sufi and Persian poet, Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi continues to be relevant even today – centuries after he left the world. Although, he was a Muslim scholar and took Islam seriously, the depth of his spiritual vision extended beyond narrow …

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Indian Muslim Visit My Masjid” Programme gets a warm response in Tamil Nadu

By Syed Ali Mujtaba Chennai March 3, 2020: In wake of discretion of mosques and killing of ‘Imam’ at the recent riots in Delhi, some Muslims in ‘Vaniyambadi,’ a town about 200 km from Chennai, organized a ‘Visit My Masjid’ programme at Masjid-e-Khaderpet on Sunday March 1, 2020. This was …

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Morality and Moral Values in Islam

Teachings on morality and moral values and moral conduct constitute an utmost important share in Islam. The holy Quran and the Hadees delivered by our beloved Prophet serve as the primary source for these teachings. It is taught by Islam that a Muslim should adopt morally an upright character. Showing …

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A Sikh donated 900 sq. feet plot in U.P. for a Mosque

True to the spirit of communal harmony and the syncretic culture of the country, Sukh Pal Singh Bedi, a Sikh cloth merchant of Purquazi town under Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh has donated a 900 sq. ft. plot to the Muslims for building a mosque. The donation of the plot …

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