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Watch: This powerful short film thanking PM Modi for banning Triple Talaq

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Social Coffee published a video expressing its gratitude towards Prime Minister Modi for outlawing the inhumane practice of Triple Talaq, the traditional Islamic practice permitted Muslim men to divorce their wives by repeating the word ‘Talaq’ thrice. The video was conceptualized, written and …

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Hindu villagers escorted Muslim baraat in Uttar Pradesh

The anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CCA) protests in Uttar Pradesh and killing of two protesters on December 21 had created a precarious situation for the Khan family of Kanpur’s Bakarganj, which was to solemnize the wedding of their daughter, Zeenat with Hasnain Farooquee from Pratapgarh. When families of both the bride …

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Fatwa: Not a diktat, but solution to a problem

Fatwa is not an order, not a binding and need not be followed and obeyed strictly as understood by the people of the Islamic faith. It is not like a diktat, which was issued by the kings in the past and cannot be issued by anyone as per their whims …

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Almighty’s trials of hardship: To check the level of patience

Without worrying about hardship that is being faced in the world, which is the place of trials and tribulations, one should be joyous to take such hardship and suffering as an opportunity and blessing to become a patient and tolerant person. Because, according to the Quran, Almighty God does not …

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इस्‍लाम: सलीका-ए-जिंदगी

Islam meaning

इस्‍लाम किसी भी दूसरी धार्मिक परंपरा से अधिक मानवता की एकता की तालीम देता है क्‍योंकि यह सिर्फ ईमान ही नहीं है जिसका लोग पालन करें, बल्कि इस्‍लाम एक पूरी सलीका-ए-जिंदगी है, जिसमें मुसलमान अपनी ईमान पर अमल करते है। इस्‍लाम जिंदगी के सभी क्षेत्रों और सरगर्मियां में रहनुमाई प्रदान …

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Hostility: Forbidden in Islam

The very word “Islam”, which denotes peace and surrender, propagates the message of Almighty Allah that suggests that it is meritorious to forego revenge in a spirit of charity (5: 45) and those who do not judge by what God has sent down are wrongdoers (5:46). Quranic quote ‘Muslims may …

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Indian Muslim Visit My Masjid” Programme gets a warm response in Tamil Nadu

By Syed Ali Mujtaba Chennai March 3, 2020: In wake of discretion of mosques and killing of ‘Imam’ at the recent riots in Delhi, some Muslims in ‘Vaniyambadi,’ a town about 200 km from Chennai, organized a ‘Visit My Masjid’ programme at Masjid-e-Khaderpet on Sunday March 1, 2020. This was …

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Equating Islam with Violence is a wrong notion

Conflict is a major issue which affects the entire world. It seems to spread like a virus every day. Most people in the world want to end global conflicts and achieve peace, yet nobody knows how peace can be achieved. It’s really a big question on which the world leaders …

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Morality and Moral Values in Islam

Teachings on morality and moral values and moral conduct constitute an utmost important share in Islam. The holy Quran and the Hadees delivered by our beloved Prophet serve as the primary source for these teachings. It is taught by Islam that a Muslim should adopt morally an upright character. Showing …

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