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Communal Harmony

Muslims provide food to Hindu devotees

Marking the assimilative culture of the country, some Muslims led by one Amanullah Khan have been serving ‘Shiv Bhaktas’/Kanwariyas by offering them shelter, food, medicines and other amenities on Mahashivratri at Sasni gate, Aligarh, U.P. since last five years. With full dedication and respect to Hindus’ religious sentiments, Amanullah Khan and his team even offer special packs, including milk for Hindu devotees who were observing fast on the day. These Muslims have been organizing such a facility during Mahashivratri, with a thanksgiving to ‘Bhole Baba’ who had given them this opportunity to serve their Hindu brethren, besides uttering that ‘God is one’ and the people worship as ‘Allah’ or ‘Bhagwan’. Such examples go a long way in strengthening the Hindu-Muslim brotherly equations and communal harmony in the country.

2. Muslims restored a dilapidated temple

Allying the notion that Kashmiri Muslims are antagonist to Kashmiri Hindus/Pandits, some Muslim residents of Achan village, Pulwama, Kashmir have voluntarily come ahead to restore an old/ramshackle temple on Shivratri (March 04, 2019), subsequent to an appeal by the lone Hindu resident of the village before the Masjid Auqaf Committee. Most of the volunteers wished and desired the return of the old days when the temple bells as well as the call of Azaan used to reverberate in the valley. The initiative by Muslims, amid an apparent communal chasm post Pulwama terror attack and Pre-emptive Balakot attack is an example of deep roots of communal harmony that finds its sustenance in the syncretic heritage of the country.

3. Thousands of Muslims celebrated Shivaji Jayanti

Dispelling the notion that Chhatrapati Shivaji, the Maratha king was a radical Hindu contrary to the fact that he had built/repaired Mosques, protected Muslims and had several Muslims (30% in his staff including 11 of his team of bodyguards were Muslims), a score of Muslims in Maharashtra celebrated the Shivaji Jayanti (February 19, 2019) with festivity through participating in rallies. They, while mentioning Maharaja as a great social reformer, termed him as an iconic king of both the Hindus and Muslims. Such celebrations add in the strengthening of communal harmony and inter-faith culture in the country.

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