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Gujarat BJP MP in ICU after a cow breaks his ribs

Ahmedabad: It seems Mother cow is not happy with ‘Cow Politics’ OF BJP. The party which is well known for providing protection to Cow vigilantes all across the country has irony in its store when one of its BJP MPs from Patan constituency in Gujarat, Liladhar Vaghela ,has been admitted in a hospital in critical condition after a stray cow attacked him outside his residence. Vaghela, who has been admitted to Gandhinagar’s Apollo Hospital has reportedly suffered two fractured ribs and injures on the head in the attack.

The 83-year-old who complained about the difficulty to breath has been kept in the ICU under observation. According to local media, the incident happened on Thursday evening when Vaghela was on an evening walk. Suddenly, a stray cow attacked him leaving him nowhere to run. He tried his best to distract the cow with his handkerchief, but he could not save himself from the attack.

It is estimated that more than 5.2 million stray cows roam sidewalks in major cities in this country blocking traffic in villages and even in cities.


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