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Hindutva radical outfit threatens to contest coming Rajasthan assembly elections

Amit Jani : Photo courtesy Bhaskar News

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi:  Accusing the “atrocities against Hindus in BJP-governed states” Uttarrajya  Navnirman Sena (UNS), an extremist Hindutva outfit announced on Monday that it would contest the Rajasthan Assembly elections on all 200 seats and field Shambhu Nath Raigar who is the alleged murderer of Bengali laborer Afrazul.

Addressing reporters here at the Press Club of India, UNS leader Amit Jani said accused the BJP of “misusing Hindus just as a vote bank.” He also accused the Home Minister Rajnath Singh of sending him to jail for fighting against “stone-pelters” in Kashmir

“BJP government garners votes on Hindutva plank and then breaks its spirit. A case was filed against me for calling Taj Mahal Tejomahaalya; Home Minister Rajnath Singh sent me to jail for fighting against stone-pelters in Kashmir; Vishwa Sanatan Sangh national spokesperson Updesh Rana was tortured in a Jaipur cell for six months; Bharat Mata’s aarti was interrupted in Vidisha and Hindu workers were jailed.”


Making wild allegations against the minority community, he said: “’Bharat desh mein rahna hai toh Allah hu Akbar kahna hai’ was raised openly in Rajasthan but to no case was filed against members of the minority community”.

Defending the chilling murder of Afrazul, he said police have been spreading lies about   Shambhu who is in jail.

“Fake story about Shambhu Nath Raigar’s illicit relations are being spread to scare off soldiers of the love jihad war; Boby Katariya is being treated like a terrorist by Haryana Police. Even Pravin Bhai Togadia is being threatened with encounter to weaken the fight for Hindutva,” he said.

On Padmaavat movie, he urged ‘Hindus’ to enter politics so that “Hindu vote bank upset from BJP does not end up with Congress and Hindutva mission does not have to die down”.

The UNS came into the existence to counter another Hindutva extremist Maharashtra Navnirman Sena in 2009.  He said the BJP government in Rajasthan will have to pay the price of “anti-Hindu activities.”

He said that a grand ‘Swabhiman Sammelan’ would be organized in Lucknow, the Parliamentary constituency of Rajnath Singh to raise the voice against “police atrocities on Hindus”.

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