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India will soon become Andalusia if Muslim leadership continues to be like this

New Delhi: A meeting was conducted at Ghalib Academy, Nizamuddin, by noted religious darsgah, Mahad Al-Tayyab Nabi Kareem, entitled ‘Role of Muslims in India’s freedom’. Several religious scholars and intellectuals attended the meeting.

Senior advocate of Supreme Court Mahmood Pracha during his presidential address said the, in fact, it was not the country which was divided into two at the time of independence but it was the Muslims of the subcontinent who were divided. He claimed that Mohammed Ali Jinnah took the step at the behest of RSS. He said if today India was united we would have been the greatest force. He said after the formation of Pakistani and Bangladesh, the population of Muslims in India reduced to 15 pc, 17 pc are Dalits, over 9 pc are Adivasis. All of them together can challenge the communal forces and easily form a secular government, he suggested.

Mr Pracha said our Muslim leadership and scholars are being coward, the way they are working, if it continues for few more years, India will become second Andalusia.

Senior journalist AU Asif, president Muslim Political Council of India Dr Tasleem Rahmani, Prof Delhi University Dr Mufti Obaidullah Qasmi and other eminent personalities addressed the gathering.

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