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Insulting Prophet Mohammad is now punishable in Europe

LONDON: Insulting Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] is now punishable in Europe. If anyone utters anything bad about Prophet Mohammad [PBUH} then He/She is going to jail!

The Integrity Foundation for Humanitarian and Human Right (Hayat Haq) has articulated its backing for the verdict of the European Court of Human Rights which measured that insulting Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] does not crime under the agenda of freedom of speech.

The Integrity Foundation told in a declaration that “The European Court’s verdict strengthens the liberty and right of spiritual belief, one of the pillars of liberty in self-governing societies ruled by law.”

In October 2018, the European Court of Human rights governed that “insulting the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) does not come under the freedom of speech, and reflected that, “the conviction of an Austrian law court for a women blamed of insulting the Holy Prophet does not disrupt her right to Freedom of Speech, nor Chapter X of the European Charter of Human Rights.”

The Integrity Foundation clarified that the verdict of the European Court comes in the setting of reassuring the guard of and admiration for the religious emotional state of Muslims and rules chiefly to promote civic peace.

The Foundation illustrated that the European Court, “have clarified the difference between the right to freedom of speech and what is a violation of the right and the misuse of spiritual feelings of people and communities.”

The judgment of the European Court of Human Right came against the legal background in Austria in 2009. It was in contradiction of an Austrian woman, who the local court fined $ 548 in adding to lawsuit charges, for the insulting of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH].

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