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Islam commands for amity, charity and good deeds

Quran directs followers for compassion, kindness, charity and philanthropic deeds towards needy, orphaned, destitute and neighbors irrespective of their religion, besides prohibiting extravaganza and over spending on comforts:

Worship Allah without any scruple, attend parents, dependents, orphaned and needy neighbors/relatives, as such doer would be rewarded on the day of judgment by the Almighty.” (4:36)

The believer who indulges in good deeds would be repaid/blessed accordingly hereinafter”. (2:122)

Have fear that every of your act is being reckoned and would accordingly be accounted for in the last by the Almighty.” (2:281)

Above verses ratify Quran’s edict towards treading on right path with compassion, love, tolerance towards co-fellows without any religious dichotomy. All religions are good and their messengers teach adherents the common values. The notion, by a poet in Farsi is described as: “Har Kaum Raast Raahe, Deene-Wa-Kibl Gaahe” (Humanity is the greatest religion, we are repaid of our own deeds by Allah). Thus, we all should strive to help others open heartedly in order to receive Allah’s benevolence in similar magnitude/kind.

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