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Islam teaches moderation and a balanced approach to life

Islam exhorts Muslims to practice moderation and a balanced approach to life, which essentially means adopting a middle path between two extremes in every walk of life, i.e. beliefs, worship, conduct, relationships, ideas, customs, transactions, daily activities and human desires. This is quoted in the holy Quran as below: (Allah Almighty said) “Thus, we have made you a justly balanced community” (2:143) & “O people, remain straight upon the path and you will have taken a great lead, but if you swerve right or left then you will be led far astray.” (Sahih Bukhari 6853)

The Arabic words “Ummataw Wasata”, which have been used in praise of the Ummah, means moderate behaviour both in character and action, refraining from extremities, i.e. rigidity/rabidity in adherence to religion or turning to atheism. This is also highlighted in classical Arabic dictionary (Lisan al-Arab 15/209)

Every praiseworthy characteristic has two blameworthy poles. Generosity is the middle between miserliness and extravagance. Courage is the middle between cowardice and recklessness. Humanity has been commanded to avoid every such blameworthy trait.”

We should implement teachings of moderation and balance in all walks of life, whether it pertains to duties of faith or duties of worldly life.

Allah Almighty said, “Seek the home of the Hereafter by that which Allah has given you, but do not forget your share of the world.” (28:77) & “Do not recite too loudly in your prayer nor too softly, but seek a way between them” (17:110)

In this regard, the Prophet directed followers exalting Allah loudly “O people, be gentle with yourselves, for you are not calling upon one who is deaf or absent. Rather, you are calling upon ‘the Hearing’, ‘the Seeing.’ (Sahih Bukhari 3910) and also said ‘O’ people spread greetings, feed people, keep kinship ties and pray at night while people are sleeping and you will enter paradise safely” (al-Hakim) &“Do you know what is better than charity and fasting and prayer? It is keeping peace and goodrelations between people, as quarrels and bad feelings destroy mankind.” (Al-Bukhari & uslim)

To sum up, Islam has taught Muslims to be moderate in all activities of their daily life. They should avoid any type of extremism that is pleasing to Satan and leads them astray from the right path. With this teaching of moderation and balance, Muslims can counter the growing tides of extremism that threaten both Muslims and non-Muslims.

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