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Jashan-Rekhta: Festival of communal harmony & syncretic culture

An annual cultural festival is organised by Rekhta Foundation, aiming to promote composite/multi-religious culture, communal harmony and Hindu-Muslim unity, ‘Jashan Rekhta’ (National Stadium, New Delhi, December 15-16, 2019). The artist including poets, musicians, singers, lyricists etc. present programmes like Ghazals, Qawwalis, Sufi music, Kabeer Katha, Ram Katha, Bhakti Sangeet in participation of a large number of audience from various religious communities, applauding the effort with standing ovation. The language of dissemination is Urdu, known for its ‘Hindustani Tehjeeb’. The programmes like ‘Jashan Rekhta’ deliver the message of religious assimilation/syncretic culture which goes the long way in strengthening communal harmony in the country.

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