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Moderate Islam: One of the measures against radicalisation

Inclusion of moderate Islam along with modern and contemporary streams/sciences in the basic education system may be one of the effective tools against radicalisation because, presently these institutes are imparting conventional/arcane/fundamentalist textual knowledge which often makes the youths vulnerable to radical/extremist trends. It is observed that lack of quality education both secular and religious gives excess to vested interest working on the behest of fanatical/terrorist organizations as well as radical ideologies disseminated by a section of Ulama provide manure to the vicious tree of violence, divide and hatred. In context of India, apart from above ingredients, youths returned from the fighting zones in the middle-east and Afghanistan who were having Jihadi mindset, are also utilized to transmit the virus of radicalisation. The radical ideologies/groups: Wahabism/Salafism, Muslim brotherhood, Hizb-ut-Tahrir and Jihadi groups: Al-Queda, Taliban, IS, subsequent their partial failure in their own domains, are finding India a favourable breeding ground for Jihadi movement.

The current reforms of state policy on religion should be aimed at the construction of the new and modern relationship between religious groups and public authorities, which will assure the prevention of possible radicalisation trends among the youth. The changes in the sectors of education and economic development should also take into account the necessity of creating new opportunities for younger people, the provision of their employment and accessible training at different stages of education. A check on infiltration of foreign radical ideologues/Jihadi preachers and recruiters should strictly be maintained along the borders, besides cooperation between security and law enforcement agencies could also contribute to the prevention of negative ideologies/activities of these destructive groups.

Thus, dissemination of saner/moderate Islam would act as a catalyst in the fight against radicalisation.

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