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Muslim appeasement: Right-wing troll runs away after being shamed

NEW DELHI: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s husband Swaraj Kaushal on Saturday received an abusive tweet that said, he should beat his wife and teach her not to do “Muslim appeasement”.

Tagging Swaraj Kaushal, the troll named Mukesh Gupta, who claimed to be from IIT Delhi wrote, “When she (Sushma Swaraj) comes home tonight why don’t you beat her up and teach her not to do Muslim appeasement tell her Muslims will never ever vote for BJP (sic).”

Before Gupta make a hasty exit and deleted his tweet, the union minister’s husband took the screenshotand posted a new tweet with the screenshot of Gupta’s tweet.

Ever since it emerged that the EAM had granted a passport to a Hindu-Muslim couple, who were allegedly harassed over religion by officials, social media troll army claimed to be supporters of the saffron party turned on the BJP’s senior-most woman leader accusing her of indulging in minority appeasement.

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Facing online abuse from trolls, Ms Swaraj on Saturday conducted Twitter poll on social media asking if people approved of them and received a total of 84,297 votes, till the time of filing of this report.

“Friends: I have liked some tweets. This is happening for the last few days. Do you approve of such tweets? Please RT,” she tweeted.

She received support from 57 percent of the total voters; the rest 43 percent supported the trolls.

Last week, as many as 30,000 Facebook users attack Swaraj with several negative tweets in order to bring its ratings down.

Swaraj‘s husband, the former Governor of Mizoram on Sunday responded to the person and tweeted:

“Your words have given us unbearable pain. Just to share with you, my mother died of cancer in 1993. Sushma was an MP and a former Education Minister. She lived in the hospital for a year.

“She refused to engage a medical attendant and attended on my dying mother personally, Kaushal tweeted.

“Such was her devotion to the family. As per my father’s wish, she lit my father’s pyre. We adore her. Please do not use such words for her. We are first generation in law and politics. We pray for nothing more than her life. Pls convey my profound regards to your wife,” the eminent lawyer said in his message.

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