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For centuries, this Muslim family is taking care of Shiva temple in Assam.

Muslim caretakers of a Shiva temple

One of the oldest Shiva temple located at village Rangmahal, North Guwahati, district Kamrup (R), Assam is looked after by one Haji Matibur Rahman @ Mati Kai (73). Rahman is the seventh generation member of the family, which has been taking care of this temple for over five centuries. A pious Muslim, who offers Azaan five times a day, Mati Kai regularly cleans and sweeps the temple and lights candles for Lord Shiva. During his Haj pilgrimage in 2001 and also in his absence, his family members used to look after the temple.

Rahman is proud of the communal harmony, tolerance and love prevailing in his village and told that they had never ever witnessed nor even heard of any kind of communal hatred in the village. Even though the temple is located in a Muslim village, which is adjacent to a Hindu dominated village, no communal tension between the people of both the communities has ever been witnessed.

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