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Muslims must differentiate between politics and wrestling

BY Mohammad Qasim Mewati

In Nuh district of Haryana, Jamiyat-Ulema-e-Hind organised a magnificent Jalsa last Sunday. The event took place at Anaaj Mandi focusing on community’s brotherhood.

When several are congratulating the move, I have numerous reservations about what is happening in the current milieu.

Not only do I pose these questions, but they belong to each and every peace-loving citizen of India, who is distressed and desolated today. In the current circumstance, every Muslim of this country is aware of the mischief-makers. His situation is like a lamp that is about to douse with the fear of grief.

But I am convinced this darkness is frightened of every twinkling lamp. There are people who feel the pain of Muslim community and also show anger towards it, and that is indeed a sign of being alive. To be angry at injustice can only lead us to success.

Today, people do not hate Islam but hate those who follow it. We ourselves are guilty of the scenario and we are the one who smothered the light of our pure characters. This picture has emerged due to us. We are not going to gain much with such Juloos and tamashas. These events are not going to sail us to the shore.

The 25 million Muslims of India, whether living in palaces or slums, are indulged in hitting the markets of all sorts of misdeeds. Muslims would have to understand that there is a difference between the moves played in chess from that of wrestling. The rigid characters of ours have been lost under the weight of evil deeds.

From gambling under the roofs of ghettos to rake Muslims of rich backgrounds, their situation is fragile. When they consume Zakaat on hospitality, how will they show concern for those Muslim youths who are being carried away from getting educated? Who will save us from the monsters, ready to sell us out in the market of politics?

I oblige to the Ulema who gave us the educational institutes and Madaaris, and to respect them I consider my duty. But what can one do when Zakaat is allocated on the commission basis? what can one do when this amount does not reach the destitute of our community?

There are people amongst us who have ruined the image of our whole community, and we will have to overcome this. There were several issues raised during the event and I too had got an opportunity to clear my doubts through Ulema, some of them I mentioned here today, and I seek forgiveness of the Almighty.

The people of Mewat will have to move towards making their characters shine again. We do not have to oppress, and this hatred should be eliminated. We have been brought here to spread love and brotherhood. We’ll have to abstain from deeds which would cause us as well our community harm.

The article was published in Sub Ki Khabar, translated by Siasat Web Desk.

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