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On Dignity of Labour and a Clean Livelihood

It tells that wealth acquired through legitimate means is a special favour of the Lord. On the other hand, in the earlier volumes, we saw Traditions, under the headings of ‘Asceticism’ and ‘Soft-heartedness’, to the effect that poverty was preferable to riches and the poor of the Ummat were more blessed than the well-to-do. Both the view-points, however, are correct in their context. If contentment and willing acceptance of what has been decreed by the Lord falls to the lot of anyone, along with poverty, it, doubtlessly, is an enviable state. It was preferred by the holy Prophet for himself, and he used to pray for it. At the same time, if the Lord bestows riches on anyone, through lawful means, and he is, also, blessed with a grateful heart and the prudence to make a proper use of his wealth, it, too, is a special favour of God.

Among the Apostles, the Lord bad favoured Hazrat Daud (David), Hazrat Sulaiman (Solomon), Hazrat Ayub (Job), and Hazrat Yusuf (Joseph), and many others with His grace in this matter, and among the leading Companions there were Hazrat Osman, Hazrat Abdul Rahman bin ‘Auf, Hazrat Zubair bin ‘Awam etc.,.

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