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People Are Mistakenly Angry On Microsoft Excel, While Expressing Outrage On New Surf Excel Ad

It’s really easy to find needlessly offended people these days, just follow the line to Twitter. This past week, it was social media users getting ticked off over a detergent ad, featuring a little Hindu girl and a Muslim boy (gasp) being friends of all things!

Oh the horror…..

Surf Excel ad

Anyways, a section of people that can only be called religious extremists seemed to be taking offense at the ad, though what possible reason for is still anyone’s guess. But there was a surprising, and kinda hilarious, victim of this detergent boycott. It was another brand with a similar name.

Yeah, as it turns out a few people aren’t able to distinguish between Surf Excel and Microsoft Excel. To be fair though, one cleans up your clothes, and the other cleans up that god-awful mess of a Word doc filled with numbers you’re tracking.

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In all seriousness though, we’ve confirmed at least one of those pictures circulating is fake, though we saw another with our own eyes. On top of that, it’s not likely anyone is mistaking a packet of detergent for a software almost as old as Windows.

What’s more likely is that a few people heard about a “something something Excel ad” that was anti-Hindu and were feeling left out of all the hating. Instead of looking it up in a browser like a sensible person though, they probably just searched it through Google Assistant, which heard the Excel bit and brought them to Microsoft’s app.

You gotta admit though, the reason you probably originally assumed is much funnier.

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