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Petrol, diesel hit fresh high, rise for 9th straight day

New Delhi : Prices of petrol and diesel, already at unprecedented levels in the country, rose for the ninth consecutive day on Monday.

In the national capital, petrol was sold at Rs 79.15 per litre, up from Rs 78.84 on Sunday.

In Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai, the fuel was priced at Rs 82.06, Rs 82.24 and Rs 86.56 per litre respectively, all a new record, against Rs 81.76, Rs 81.92, Rs 86.25 on Sunday.

The surge in fuel prices is largely attributed to the rise in crude oil prices and high rate of excise duty in the country. Brent crude oil is currently priced over $78 per barrel.


The recent slump in rupee also has lifted the import cost of crude oil, subsequently raising fuel prices.

On Monday, the key transportation fuel was sold at Rs 71.15, Rs 74, Rs 75.19 and Rs 75.54 per litre in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai respectively, up from Rs the previous levels of Rs 70.76, Rs 73.61, Rs 74.77 and Rs 75.12 per litre.

Diesel prices gain significance as the fuel is used in the transportation of farm products and a rise in the prices may puah up inflation.


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